We are watching social media rebels attack our fathers without us saying a word – Pastor Irabor wisdom


It is so painful to see Fathers being insulted all over Facebook and those who call themselves ‘sons’ are not saying anything.

We are all maintaining dignity, decency and decorum.

When our first generation fathers are insulted, you see the second generation fathers come all out to defend them and fight for them.

But when the second generation fathers are insulted on social media, you see the generation coming behind them do nothing and say nothing.

All we are interested in is who is the greatest.

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The politics of evil speaking, backbiting and pull him down syndrome.

Any father who is insulted on Facebook and after 24 hours of such insult, all his top sons are not coming out to do a rebuttal against such post, should not accept such a reality.

It is good to give seeds and offerings, but there are battles your seed and offerings can’t handle but your voice and pen.

Where was dignity and decorum, when Papa David Ibiyeomie, Dr Pastor Paul Enenche and other sons of Papa Oyedepo came out to fight the enemy of Papa Oyedepo on social media?

Are we saying these men don’t sow to Papa Oyedepo?

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According to Psalms 127 verse five, One of the predominant reasons why God gave Sons to fathers, is for fathers to have a VOICE AGAINST their ENEMIES at the GATE.

Gradually, the voice of Rebels is getting stronger against fathers, and no son is saying anything.

I am not a Winners’ Chapel Pastor, but I was once a Pastoral staff of that Ministry.
When the young Pastor that was released came online to utter those aborminable things. I immediately did a post through Church Gist, LET THE TRUTH BE TOLD, NO LAZY PASTOR CAN WORK IN WINNERS’ CHAPEL.
The records are there for all to see, that media ATTACK died on the spot.

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That is the essence of sonship.

Not maintaining decency, dignity and decorum when fathers are insulted before your very eyes.

A word is enough for the wise.

I know you will still find fault in this write up that is borne out of sincerity.

Thanks for reading.

Irabor Wisdom

Presiding Bishop Answers Assembly Warri Delta State Nigeria.

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