“We Have Confused Politics with the Gospel”: Dr. Michael Brown is worried that Christians are putting politics before Christ.

Dr. Michael Brown is concerned that Christians are placing more importance on politics than they do on Christ. He says, “We Have Confused Politics with the Gospel.”

Apologist, author, and radio broadcaster Dr. Michael Brown is worried that Christians in America put their political beliefs ahead of their faith in Jesus Christ.

Brown recently discussed the politicization of the Gospel on CBN’s Faith vs. Culture program.
The Political Seduction of the Church: How Millions of American Christians Have Confused Politics with the Gospel, Brown’s latest book, also addresses this issue.

I think we’re dealing with existential challenges,” Brown, presenter of the radio show Line of Fire, said.
“I also believe that [there is] a fight for survival…
huge things are going on, like the struggle for loved ones, worldwide problems, and Israel.”

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We have confused politics with the Gospel when we “put our trust in the political system to change society, when we become more consumed with winning the elections than winning the lost, when we marry the Gospel with politics, when our Christianity becomes an appendage of a political party,” he continued.

Brown, who supported Donald Trump in the two previous presidential elections, said he had never witnessed so much prayer for a political candidate.

He clarified that the prayers were not said in preparation for a Great Commission revival.
Even though I voted for this person, I knew that only Jesus could save America, so I prayed for them to win the election.

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Brown went on to explain how the decision to vote for or against Trump has become a test of one’s Christian faith.

He explained that Christians had argued that voting for Trump was incompatible with their faith.
Some Christians even went so far as to imply that if you didn’t support Trump in the election, you must not be a believer.

“To me, the main issue was whether or not you believe in Jesus.
The difference between us and the rest of humanity lies in this “Brown went on.

Brown expressed his dismay at the numerous failed predictions made about Trump, including that he would serve two consecutive terms or that he would return to the presidency after Joe Biden had left office.

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Brown argues that Christians should once again put their allegiance to Christ ahead of any political party or candidate, even if he sees nothing wrong with being involved in politics. It’s “all over for America” if the church doesn’t get things right, he said, so he just wants people to hear the message.

“We are visitors here, not permanent residents.
We follow a distinct set of rules, “The man spoke forward and explained.
We have the wrong priorities if we want to be known more for our loyalty to Jesus than to a political party or candidate.

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