“We Were Not Even Friends” – Minister Judikay Writes as She Shares Throwback Picture With Hubby

Nigerian Gospel Minister Judikay has shared a throwback picture of she and her husband on her Instagram page where she disclosed that she had no intention of marrying him from the onset.

She said, “I am glad everyone is asleep, let me gist the few that are awake. Lol. God really does have sense of humour. Picture on the left, we were not even friends and I had done all the Godforbid’s there was to do that I was never going to be married to anyone from my local church 😅

“We became friends 2015 , Courted from 2018 , Married 2020, After One in 2022 😩 (After all the mouth I made 😩😅. Enjoy your process, enjoy your peculiar journey with God – not just with being married but with every area God has purposed for you.”

I believe someone would receive clarity from merely reading this post over a decision that could make or mar them. Receive clarity right now to remain in God’s perfect will for you in Jesus name.

You’d laugh in the end like I am doing right now looking at our old pictures 😅

Hey Bubulubu’m 🤣🥰❤️ Anselem Opara Page forever to go in Christ,for Christ!

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