“What an Air Hostess Told my Wife When She Tried to Stop me From Singing During Our Trip to America” – Pastor Paul Enenche Reveals

Founder of Dunamis International Gospel Centre Pastor Paul Enenche while preaching to the congregation told a story of what an air hostess told his wife when she wanted to stop him from singing while they were on a trip to America.

He said “One day we were flying to America from (I think) Germany many years ago and I was on my own humming a song “On a hill far away stood an old rugged cross”.

“The Aircraft was charged. The Air Hostess was serving food and my wife saw that my voice was almost up – the way you are singing and every other person around is hearing you and she was about to say, ‘please lower your voice and also, they are serving,’ white Air Hostess came and said, ‘leave him. We are enjoying it.’ not just the enjoyment of it, the feeling of it.

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“You can’t walk into presence and claim ignorance – it is feelable, palpable, tangible. There is something that happens to you that is what makes you feel goose bumps at times. If you worshipped for one hour and prayed for one hour in tongues, you have communed with God for 2 hours. 

“Am I communicating? The person who prayed 2 hours nonstop has not done more than me. I will come to that another time. If I am now worshipping in tongues, I am combining 2 powers; or praying in the Spirit and worship.”

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