“What Archbishop Benson Idahosa Did To My Sick Mum That Made Me Desire Power” – Apostle Johnson Suleman Reveals

Apostle Johnson Suleman while preachingg, spoke on power. He said that we live in a generation of power and it is an error to be empty. 

This is a generation of the power of God and God’s Great General through his life made us see how it is important to give colour to the gospel by power. The Church of God is founded by power and it has to be maintained by power.

He then revealed what Archbishop Benson Idahosa did to his Muslim Mother when she was sick. He said, “We came from a Muslim background and my mother was sick. We took her everywhere (in 1983) but nothing happened. In 1984, they brought her to Papa and it came out of his Mercedes and laid his hands on her and that was the end to that infirmity.”

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He then said that when he saw that, he likes it. 2 this is why one of the things we need to learn from the life of Archbishop Benson idahosa is that he had power. We also need to ask God to give us this power so that we can do exploit. May God grant unto us understanding in Jesus’ name.

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