What God Told Me Many Years Ago When I Saw An Aeroplane Pass – Apostle Joshua Selman


It is important that God is number one in our lives because it is clearly stated in His commandments. However, NDEPO TV posted a sermon where Apostle Joshua Selman taught his members about the fact that God should always be true.

He said that it is in your lifetime you would build a house; it is in your lifetime that a day would come you will not think about money again; it is in your lifetime the anointing you seek, one day you will no longer seek it because it is now with you.

He then advised that you let God be true, and let every man, let every report, medical report, let every system be a liar, as God remain true. He said that you should let every ministry report be a liar, let every academic report be a liar, let every financial report be a liar, let every career report be a liar but let God be true.

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He revealed that many years ago he was sitting down somewhere on the campus, and he saw a plane pass. He was looking at it, and the Lord told him, that the word would take him into that plane many times. He believed Him. The Lord spoke to him that a time would come, nations would come, and would drink from that which He has put upon our lives, he believed Him.

The cleric then said that you have gone too far with God to turn back. “Husbands and wives, CEOs and businessmen, remember Lots’ wife,” he said. You must obtain Grace to fight till you win and to stand and face your fears. They say you have cancer, they say your genotype would never change, that’s nonsense, obtain Grace from God. They say your children would never be responsible; they say your life is finished. “Let God be true, I’m teaching you how to win in life,” he said.

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