What Happened After My Aunt Caught Me With Indian Hemp – Rev. Uma Ukpai Narrates

The Leader of the Uma Ukpai Evangelistic Association, Reverend Uma Ukpai, has revealed what happened after his aunt caught him with Indian Hemp far back in 1958. He said he was practising criminality at that time and they used to call Indian Hemp “family mould” and it was peculiar to those who wanted to commit suicide.

What happened was that he repented and promised his aunt that he would neither touch nor smoke Indian Hemp again after she had thrown herself to the floor and wept bitterly.

Reverend Ukpai said, “In my criminality in 1958, I began to learn how to smoke Indian Hemp. My father’s sister saw me with a stick of Indian Hemp. We called it ‘family mould. Family mould is poorly wrapped Indian Hemp and it was smoked by people who wanted to commit suicide. When she saw me with a wrap, she threw herself to the floor and wept. It made me promise her I would never touch Indian Hemp all the days of my life”.

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