What I Said About The Lord’s Prayer That Made A Man Of God Want To Tear Me Apart – Pastor Abel Damina Reveals

Pastor Dr. Abel Damina, founder and senior pastor of Abel Damina Ministries and Power City International, narrated that a man of God fights him when he said Lord’s prayer is not a New Testament prayer.

From the video he uploaded to his verified Facebook account a few hours ago, he said sometimes ago, a man of God in this country was very angry with him when he said the Lord’s prayer is not a New Testament. Pastor Damina said he fought him because he couldn’t understand, and surprisingly, he said the man is also a holy ghost speaking preacher.

Pastor Damina said how can somebody who claims to be holy ghost filled be struggling with the Lord’s prayer?. He said what he said to him was that “since it is the Lord’s prayer, let the lord pray it because I’m not the Lord”.

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Pastor Damina asserted that Lord’s Prayer is just a parable, and is not something we should fight and tear our shirts over. He said his diagnosis was that when you take a parable literally, you end in error. He said the reason is that parables are mysteries and mysteries are parables, so you can’t treat them literal.

He concludes that Lord’s prayer was actually not a prayer but a prayer outline, and in the Bible, it is not called the Lord’s prayer. It was the translators that gave it that tag” the Lord’s prayer.

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