“What I Said to My Mentor When he Told me To give Someone N500 For Greeting Him” – Bishop David Oyedepo Reveals

Bishop David Oyedepo while speaking at the January Monthly Anointing Service at Faith Tabernacle, Canaanland disclosed what happened when his mentor told him to give someone N500 for greeting him.

While preaching, he said,

There are some outlandish spenders who are not tithers. You know what? They lack the discretion of the covenant. God sees them as wasters so He can’t entrust more into their hand. What they waste per week is more than their tithe in a month. 

For what? Wife is suffering at home, their children are suffering and they are doing big boy in town. What a life! This boy doesn’t put money in his pocket. If I want to give something there is a process so I can account for what I give. 

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One day I was at the airport with one of my mentors, somebody greeted him and he said “give him #500”. I said for what? The man laughed. I said for what? For greeting you? So if someone else greets you now you will give him #1000. So which account will that go to? Is that for the poor or for the greeter? Psalm 112:5b. 

I knew I needed a personal accountant because I needed to pay my tithe. I must pay my tithe regularly, it is not by guesswork. I know where I started from and I know where I am now. You better wake up and stop playing games. All these big boys or big girls in town, they don’t work. You can’t rewrite the Bible, it won’t work. 

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You can’t create your own heaven, you don’t know where it is. Wisdom is the principal thing. In all thy getting get understanding from the altar of prayer. A wise man shall hear and increase in learning. Keep learning from those who know better. 

I went through the school of church growth with Yonggi Cho and it is showing. I went through the school of ministry through diverse ministers across the globe and it is showing. I went through the school of cell growth and replication with Yonggi Cho and it is showing. 

So we learn wisdom, we don’t only pray for wisdom. We learn wisdom from those who have it before us. A wise man shall hear and increase in learning. In the name of Jesus, your throne shall not be lost to spiritual carelessness. You must be listed among the reigning believers in this end time.

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