“What I Told my Wife When She Said to me That I Always Wear A Sharp Suit And Sharp Shoe” – Pastor Paul Enenche Reveals

Founder of Dunamis International gospel center, Pastor Paul Enenche while preaching to his congregation revealed what his told his wife when she said he always wears a sharp suit and sharp shoe.

In his words

My wife says to me everytime I got a sharp suit, sharp shoe, I always wear it the same day. I don’t have Christmas dress and I stand out and I just try to look as best as possible. One day earlier on, she said to me, Why do you try to look like that? 

And I said to her, Maybe I will meet the president of somewhere and I don’t want to regret that if I had known, I would have dressed better.  She’s nodding her head, one day we went out and she just went casually and I just went as usual in a diplomatic way. And I think we met some people, I don’t know what happened and she said, Okay, I have learnt. If I knew I would have behaved the way you behaved. 

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To be ready for every urgency. I want to step on any stage, if they say carry the microphone, I won’t wish I had dressed well. I want to be ready for any urgency.

Smith Wigglesworth said, Don’t get ready, live ready. Apply what I am saying to every area of your life. When David appeared on that battlefield, he didn’t get ready, he lived ready. “What can be done for the man that taketh down this Philistine, I am ready for him.”

My wife steps into my study room and sees the whole place filled with aromatic fragrance, says, “where are you going tonight that you still sprayed perfume. I can perceive the fragrance of perfume everywhere. Are you going out somewhere?” I say, “no oh, this is for normal sitting”. (To his wife), you have seen very interesting things oh. Hallelujah. 

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It affects character, it affects capacity. If you’re not thinking that, “all I’m trusting God for is to have a car, have a house and have travel visa”, if that is what you’re thinking about, then there’s a way your mind works. 

But if you’re thinking like the head of a multinational that budgets in billions of dollars or naira, there’s a way your mind begins to get upgraded, there’s a way you begin to work and research, there’s a way you begin to enlarge capacity and something inside you begins to enlarge to be able such that when you see $1million, you don’t run mad. You’re equal to the task because you have developed to that level. 

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