What You Should Consider Before Accepting Any Marriage Proposal – Reno Omokri Reveals

Reno Omokri who is a popular Nigerian Public Commentator and Human Rights Activist has dished out advice on what people should consider first before accepting any marriage proposals.

Omokri who stated this on his Twitter page some minutes ago said “only unwise people make or accept marriage proposals without first ascertaining” things he listed. He advised that they should first know their blood group as well as knowing their HIV status. Followed by salary status which will help them to plan and know if they can make a perfect couple financially.

Other things are to know the temperament of each other, the number of children they will like to have not minding the gender, the type of religion under which they will want to raise their children and finally, he said they should discuss whether they will allow their in-laws to live with them or not.

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To Reno Omokri, these are the important things and they can save married couples from regretting their decisions in future

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