“When A Man Tells You “God said I should marry you”, This is What You Should Ensure to do“ – The Winlos Advise

Anwinli and Ohis Ojeikere popularly known as the Winlos have taken to their Twitter handle to advise ladies to also hear the voice of God for themselves so they do not get received by someone who says, “God said I should marry you”.

It is quite unfortunate to note that so many ladies have been deceived by such words, only to end up regretting their decision.

The Winlos comprise two best friends, Anwinli and Ohis Ojeikere. They first met in their church, where they were involved in the drama ministry. 

As their friendship grew, so did their love for each other. The two eventually got married and continued spreading the love of God through skits and stage plays.

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See what they wrote,

“You need to know and hear the voice of God for yourself so you don’t get deceived by someone saying, “God said I should marry you”

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