When a Married Woman is not Satisfied in Bed, this is what she Might do, Relationship Expert Warns Men

Susan Munene, one of the relationship experts in the country has warned married men who have the tendency of not satisfying their wives in bed and yet they find other women outside their marriage attractive and even get the feeling of having them in bed.

Speaking on NTV, the expert who is specialized as a gynecologist stated that men should make it a routine of gaining the art of patience, this is because they spend most of their time with their wives, they were advised to slowly prepare their women for the act and make sure that they do it so well to an extent their wives can feel it deep and finally reach their climax without complaining.

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According to the gynecologist, most men are self-centered and only think about themselves forgetting their wives and after they ate done within two minutes of sleeping with their wives, they zip their trousers not knowing how they are feeling. When this happens, the woman will be very angry with her ma,n and every time she sees him, she doesn’t feel like a woman.

She has also advised men to listen to their wives, in these long talks, the man will find out where the problem arose and will rectify it before hell breaks loose. Women might end up cheating with other men to get satisfied and demand nothing else in return.

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