“When a Pastor carries himself like a cultist, they fear him” – Pastor Irabor Reveals Three Things That Are Very Painful In Ministry

Bishop Wisdom Irabor, the Presiding Bishop of Answers Assembly in a recent post on his official Facebook page spoke about 3 Things that are very painful in ministry and they are:

1. The Pastor who is not accessible to them is more acceptable to them than the one that is readily available to them. Scarcity truly creates value. So it becomes very painful for the pastor who has been always available for them to receive less attention from the one who is not really accessible.

2. The pastor who stands for them during trials and challenges, Is easily forgotten by them, compared to the ones who don’t have any feelings for them at all. Even if they die is not their business. This becomes very painful for the pastor because he could even feel abandoned and rejected by his members.

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3. When a Pastor carries himself like a cultist, they fear him and avoid having problems with him. But when the same people see a pastor that is Christ-like, they want to fight him even when they are wrong themselves. How could you want if it pastor who is Christ-like? It will definitely be not easy for that pastor.

According to the man of God, he told a guy some time ago that the way he walks up to him and expresses himself, can he do that with this same Pastor that lives with them in this estate. He said that one doesn’t behave like a pastor. He then told him, “I who behave like a pastor is now the one you can talk to as though am not a Pastor?” The cleric then revealed that the truth is that Foolish people fear wicked Pastors, But disrespect friendly Pastors.

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Finally, he gave counsel to all genuine pastors as he said, “Don’t carry the aura of a cultist or mafia. Remain the Christian that you are, because God will always reward your good heart. These people will always meet their match someday so just keep your ears closely. As for me, nobody can make me become evil. I will find a way to manage you until God either take you away from me or take me away from you. There must of a necessity be taking away.”

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