When Believers Die, They Are Not Going To Heaven – Pastor Abel Damina Reveals Why

Nigerian controversial gospel preacher, Dr Abel Damina, founder and senior pastor of Power City International, has in a video uploaded to his verified Facebbok account said that nobody teaches that when somebody dies, he goes to heaven in the Bible.

According to Pastor Damina, heaven is God’s control room in the church. He corrected that heaven is not a planet, but heaven is in the earth. It is God’s control centre in the believer.

He said that is why the Bible says the kingdom of God is here and in Luke 17:20, where Jesus answered the Pharisee who asked when the kingdom of God would come that the kingdom of God wouldn’t come with observation, or here and there, but he said the kingdom of God is inside you.

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He then said that the clarity is that we are not going to heaven because we are in heaven right now. He added that God has planted eternity in our hearts.

Finally he said in John 3:13, Jesus said that no man had gone to heaven. He said if you check through the scripture, you won’t see where the Bible says someone died and went to heaven. He said it is not Bible theology and nobody thought it.

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  1. Don’t worry sir, when you die, you enter your heart that has stopped beating. You will enter and live in your heart. Ok. Kontinue!

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