When I am going to heaven at my old age, if Jesus tarries, This Is What will happen to anyone who borrows on behalf of this Church – Bishop David Oyedepo Declares

Bishop David Oyedepo, the General Overseer of the Living Faith Church Worldwide spoke on Understanding The Fundamentals Of Success – The Wisdom Factor spoke at Midweek Communion Service, Canaanland.

he said that there is a kind of wisdom that makes you look like you are not of this world. It is not found in the land of the living, there is no point going around looking for it, it can not be found in the land of the living. It is not in the philosophers, it is not with the rich, no matter how much money you amass, it is not equal to wealth. He said that there are many stupid wealthy people who are owing more than they own. “Your net worth is 1 billion and you are owing 10 billion. That is – 9 billion, is that wisdom?” he asked.

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He said that those categories of people will be doing big boys around town but the banks know that they are small boys. He said that the day they die, they may sell their wife. Wisdom gives peace so when you say you are at peace they don’t believe you because of the pressure they are under from living above their means, buying a big car on loan. “People just do some funny things in the name of trying to be big. Such people are not in this Church,” he said.

“When I am going to heaven at my old age, if Jesus tarries, there will be a curse on anyone who borrows on behalf of this Church until Jesus returns,” he continued. He said that they don’t have to if they got to where they are without borrowing. He said that he is not owing to any man living or dead and he is going to heaven smiling. He has not cheated anyone. Wisdom is not available in the knowledge market.

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Finally, he said that it is like going to Ile-Epo Market looking for aircraft to buy. It’s not available. You will walk around till daybreak; it’s not found there, stop wasting energy. Anything you can get in this world is not in the class of divine wisdom.

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