When You Are About To Experience A Major Breakthrough In Your Life, These Are The Signs You Will Notice – Apostle Joshua Selman Reveals

Apostle Joshua Selman, the founder of Eternity Network International, in a post on NDEPO TV, spoke to his members about the season of breakthrough. He said that when you are about to step into a season of breakthrough in your life, you will begin to notice three signs and they are:

1. There Is An Unusual Impartation Of The Spirit Of Prayer

He said that whenever you begin to sense an irresistible urge to pray, an irresistible urge to pray not just to pray within a group note that these are prophetic signposts these are languages in the spirit that are pointing to you that you are about to step into a major season or breakthrough. He said that many people when they get to that point because they do not know the significance of that dimension of Prayer they do not partner with the angels to bring in complete breakthroughs and they go back and miss out on cycles and Seasons of breakthrough.

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2 There Is An Unusual Grace To Give

He said that suddenly you lose the value of everything around you, you just know that you can give anything and it won’t matter again. When that begins to happen to you, take notes. He said that there is a dissociation between you and those things because you are about to step into a new level. You have missed out on such seasons because you did not know how to take advantage. If you could take advantage of it, you would have stepped in to meet your seasons of breakthroughs.

3. There Will Be An Unusual Confrontation From The Kingdom Of Darkness

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He said that suddenly you notice that it is a scene and all hell is breaking loose over you. “Hold on, because that’s the time to begin to see from the realm of the Spirit because many people are taught to judge these things,” he said. There is an unknown usual manifestation of angelic activities which sends a signal in the realm of the Spirit. This is because they know that Satan knows he was an angel before, so he knows that every time there is an unusual dispatch of angels something is about to be translated from the realm of the Spirit into this realm.

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