Whenever You Feel Tired To Pray, Do This – Apostle Arome Osayi Reveals

Apostle Arome Osayi, the founder of Remnant Christian Network spoke to his members about what to do anything they feel too weak to pray. Unfortunately there are times that we feel too weak and unable to pray and during those periods we need the strength of God.

According to him, God will never accept the excuse that you were tired of praying because the spirit of God has the capacity of quickening your mortal body. So, anytime you feel tired of praying, with the sincerity of your heart always do this “Lord give life to my spirit, give life to my mind and quicken my mortal body”. He said that this is what he usually does when he is down and he needs strength and whenever an invitation to preach the gospel comes, he always ask God to give life to his spirit, his mind and quicken his mortal body. “It is not by power, is not by might but it is the spirit of God that we can do many things,” he said.

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For students, he said that most times when you come back from lecture, and you have been reading for hours and it seems like you are fully exhausted but your clock just tick that your prayer time has come, all you have to do is to take advantage of the power behind those words and say it, that is when your weakness will be swallowed up. Then suddenly, you will experience a new set of strength being released. It is the Lord that makes it happens, something that was ordained by God, stronger than any limitations of the natural, stronger than every infirmity of the physical, and that is the spirit of God.

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Finally, he said that it comes and swallow it up and activate an operation that is only acquainted with the spirit of God. There is a realm that God wants you to operate on and if you know that realm and stand on it, you will say things only heaven has declared.

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