While Speaking On The Power Of Praise, Bishop David Oyedepo Reveals The Awesome Thing That Happened To Him When He Danced Before The Lord By 3:00 am – See what happened

Bishop David Oyedepo
Bishop David Oyedepo

Bishop David Oyedepo while preaching revealed that Praise is ordained to silence the enemy and the avenger. That was interpreted in Matthew 21. Perfected praise silences the enemy. 

We are going to be jumping like children tonight and silencing our enemies forever. Everything holding down your marital destiny will give up. 

What you don’t want, you don’t watch. What you don’t resist has a right to remain and what you won’t confront you cannot conquer. The battle line is drawn tonight and none of your enemies must escape.

He then said, “Wisdom is profitable to direct so get hold of music materials, CDs and other stuffs because you can’t he beating all these instruments in your room, you can dance to them and experience God’s manifest presence. 

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I had an awesome experience down this morning, I was dancing before the Lord by 3 am and then something swept on me from heaven. 

Every part of my being could feel it and the manifestation was just instant. Something usual will yet happen tonight. Throughout this month, you shall be experiencing sudden visitation. Refuse to be an onlooker, be a partaker.”

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