Who was the wife of Cain?

Who did Cain marry?

The Bible doesn’t say who Cain’s wife was for sure. Cain’s wife could have been his sister, niece, great-niece, etc., because that is the only answer that makes sense. When Cain killed Abel, the Bible doesn’t say how old he was (Genesis 4:8). Since they were both farmers, it’s likely that they were both full-grown adults, maybe even with their own families. When Abel was killed, Adam and Eve must have had more children than just Cain and Abel. They had many more children after that (Genesis 5:4). Cain was afraid for his own life after killing Abel (Genesis 4:14). This shows that Adam and Eve probably already had many other children and maybe even grandchildren at that time. Adam and Eve had a daughter or granddaughter who married Cain (Genesis 4:17).

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Adam and Eve were the first people and the only ones, so their children had no choice but to marry each other. God didn’t say it was wrong to marry outside of your family until a long time later, when there were enough people that it wasn’t necessary anymore (Leviticus 18:6-18). When two people with similar genes (like a brother and sister) have children together, there is a high chance that their recessive traits will become dominant. This is why incest often leads to genetic abnormalities today. When people from different families have children, it is very unlikely that both parents will have the same recessive traits. The human genetic code has become more “polluted” over the centuries as genetic flaws have been passed down from one generation to the next, multiplying and getting worse. Adam and Eve didn’t have any genetic flaws, so they and the first few generations of their children and grandchildren were much healthier than we are now. Few, if any, of Adam and Eve’s children had problems with their genes. So, it was safe for them to marry each other.

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