“Why Church Fellowship has to be in different level of maturity” – Apostle Mike Orokpo Reveals Deep Insight

Nigerian gospel preacher, pastor, and evangelist Apostle Mike Orokpo has shared a deep insight on why the church fellowship must be in different level of maturity.

See what he said,

Church Fellowship has to be in different level of maturity. But when the church is not really interested in developing people but is interested just in gathering people, raising offering and becoming Big, People will never grow and enter into their full ordination in Christ.

That’s why you see People’s progress and Process is scattered. There’s no coherence in People’s lives. People don’t graduate into Reality. And that’s a serious issue. 

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New Believers should have their time, day and session for lectures until they mature and come into the Reality of what we teach them.

For Example, if I’m teaching a young believer about Prayer, I know he has alot of Challenges, I can teach him how to use Prayer to deal with his challenges. He has house rent to pay, he has sicknesses to deal with, he has demons to cast out and a whole lot; I can teach him Prayer from that plane. How to use God’s authority to deal with his circumstances.

But when I’m dealing with a matured believer, I can’t be talking about demons. Demons don’t exist in his realm, he is a tormentor in the Demonic realm. If I’m talking about Prayer to a matured believer, I’ll not be talking about circumstances, He doesn’t Pray for his circumstances, he commands them to align with the will of God. When I’m talking about Prayer to a matured believer, I’ll be talking about ministering to the Lord, I’ll be talking about Transformation, Translation and Transfiguration. Talking about becoming more like Christ. 

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The Church is not an audience to be entertained, it is an army to be empowered. The life and Destiny of the Church lies primarily on the shoulders of her leaders. 

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