“Why I Get Angry Whenever I See Ladies Fight Over A Man” – Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo Reveals

Motivational speaker and relationship coach Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo has taken to his social media handle to reveal why he always get angry each whenever he sees ladies fight over a man.

He further disclosed that even if the lady eventually wins the man, the marriage will not last.

See what he said,

“Why do you want to get married? If you can’t clean up your motive, if you can’t look at the whole picture. And sex is a part of the benefit of marriage, but it can’t be the major reason or the only reason why you are getting married.

“Marriages fail before they start, no marriages fails in marriage. If you are the right person, you will mostly meet the right person.

“If you want to buy a Nigeria used car, who is the best person to take to inspect the car? Your tailor or your mechanic? The wrong person can’t give you the right advice.

“Sometimes, I see ladies fighting over a loser. You are dating someone and he’s cheating on you and you are fighting the girl he’s cheating with. To win who?

“If you win the battle, you are still a loser. The problem is not the girl, the problem is not boy. He has already told you who he is. Is for you to decide if this is what you want out of your own life.  

When marriages fails or not, it starts with you and starts before the marriage.  When you know what is below your level, don’t fight the person, they made an offer. In life you can’t tell people not to make an offer.  You can walk to a Ferrari store and tell them that; can you buy this car for 100naira? They will throw you out.

But to make that offer, they have the right to say this is what am offering and you have the right to accept that offer or not.

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