Why it is Important For Believers to Use 5 Minutes to Give God Thanks Than to Complain – Reverend Godwin ABBA Reveals

Reverend Godwin ABBA while preaching on thanksgiving, has revealed why believers should use 5 minutes to thank God than to use 5 hours to complain.

See what he said below;

When Mary and Martha couldn’t thank God, they gave up on God because they had seen practically the deadness of their brother. Four days after burial, Jesus, this guy is not just buried, his body would be smelling now, and Jesus said, “relax, I am the resurrection. I’m not going to call an angel to come, I am here. 

If I say to the dead, come back to life”. I beg you, it’s better to use 5 minutes to thank God than to use 5 hours to complain. What 5 minutes of Thanksgiving can do, 50 hours of complaints and murmuring cannot solve it. Begin to thank Him now. 

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Jesus saw the grave and yet thanked God, He heard that Lazarus was dead 4 days ago and yet thanked God. He saw the people crying and weeping for the death of Lazarus, yet, he thanked God. “Father, I thank you that you have heard me”. 

– God is hearing somebody right now. Life up your hands and begin to thank Him.

Your next answer to your prayers is in your Thanksgiving. 

Let your voice be vocal and loud enough for God to hear that there’s a grateful daughter and son in the house. He said to them, “take me to the grave where Lazarus was laid. 

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Take me there, let me paralyze the power of death, I want to embarrass the grave, take me to the grave”. Nothing scares God, no situation scares God. “Take me to the grave where Lazarus is, I want to humiliate the power of death, I want to embarrass the power of the grave, I want to bring Lazarus back to life”. 

He lifted up His voice and gave thanks to God. Let nothing hold you back, just give thanks and glory. It’s not a time to close your mouth, it’s the time to honour, let God hear your voice. Church Gist. That thing that made you cry, begin to reverse your language, your attitude and your behaviour, begin to thank God right now. 

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If Christ gave thanks on behalf of Lazarus, then the grace cannot hold Lazarus back anymore. Whatever you have thanked God for this morning, no power can hold it back anymore. In the name of Jesus.

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