Why Our Churches Will Soon Be Full Of Idol Worshippers – Apostle Joshua Selman Reveals

Apostle Joshua Selman, the founder of Eternity Network International spoke to his members about the current state of average believers in the church today.

He said that we are in the days of the mighty hand of God but sadly speaking the frustration that is in the heart of that average believer as to why their Christian experience does not seem to produce results. He said that there are many believers who have done. In loving God but the imminent frustration that stands before them as far as producing results that become consolations to their Christian experiences concerned. Many believers are already brewing frustrations from what is happening all around (from ritual killings to people falling into propositions of darkness). He said that they are proof that there’s a gradual frustration rising.

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Many Christian send messages to their pastors asking the question, Why? Why is this thing not working? They will say they have prayed and fasted but why does it look like God lied. He said that here are there they see a few people, Ministry and territories distinguish themselves in power and grace but corporately speaking there is a gradual cry rising from preachers, businessmen, individuals, and career People that the more they study the scriptures, the more they seem to get angry because it looks like the Bible is the compendium of a scam.

Speaking further, he said that if we do not rise by the privilege of God’s grace to show the body of Christ the way by the spirit, soon our Churches will be full of idol worshippers, not those who are coming to Jesus to be saved, but idol worshipers who are frustrated because it looks like Jesus does not work. “But not in our lifetime in the name of Jesus,” he prayed.

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