Why Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo Is Right To Say That The Years Of Being Single Is Meant To Prepare One For Life

Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo, in one of his teachings titled “The foundation every single should build before marriage”, has said that the years of being single as a man or woman, is meant to prepare one for life. It is a gift from God that is precious and should not be seen as a curse or something to avoid but rather maximize for self development in other to be a successful person in life, and marriage is part of the life one is being prepared for.

The founder and senior Pastor of David Christian Center, Lagos, pointed out that world shakers and kingdom movers use their years of Singleness to lay the foundation of greatness and success for themselves, and the period of being single offers so many opportunities that should be maximized.

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In my own opinion, Pastor Kingsley Is right because Life is a teacher, and years spent in being single as a man or woman are a privilege to get enough experience that will enhance growth and productivity. The wisdom, knowledge and practical application of what is learned during the period of being single will go a long way to help in the development of characters, and quality of mindset that is needed to sustain a marriage.

Since life offers so many resources to build up anyone that is patient enough to understand and learn the purpose of Singleness, it is important to take advantage of what life gives, and also engage in things that will help one to develop the kind of life that marriage is designed for. When the purpose of a thing is unknown to a man or woman, the abuse of it is inevitable, and not knowing the reason being this makes some people do all they can to get married, without being fully prepared for it.

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As a man or woman that is still single, Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo’s statement about what the Years of being single means should be taking seriously because it will go a long way to help anyone who is still single to do all he or she can positively do, and be prepared for life.

Source: Opera News

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