Why Pastors Go Up And Suddenly Deflate Into Shame – Apostle Joshua Selman reveals

Apostle Joshua Selman, the founder of Eternity Network International sent an important message to ministers of God in this generation.

He said that their arrogance, stubbornness, and arrival mentality are why there is balloon success. People go up and deflate into shame because there is a posture they must consistently take. ‘Let every man that thinks he knows, know that he does not know as he ought to know,’ he said. According to him, there are many things he does not know and things he does not know. He said that on his laptop, there are videos and training that he uses to build himself. “I will never arrive. Not in this life,” he said.

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Speaking further, he said that when it has to do with destiny, don’t let your tears stop you. Be strict on yourself. He said that yesterday’s excellence is today’s mediocrity. Don’t think yesterday’s oil will solve today’s problem, you will need to access fresh oil. “For some of you, the reason why you have not to access certain blessings is that He wants you to listen to these messages,” he said.

Finally, he said that when you realize that things are not happening in your life you should not forget that going in your might is not yet an impartation. The understanding to inquire why things are not working in your life requires careful study. When it has to do with the journey of advancement, there are two principal tests – the test of courage and the stamina to not be distracted by results.

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