Why Some Pastors Suffer After They Leave Bishop Oyedepo – Pastor Wisdom Irabor Reveals

It is not a new thing for a pastor to break away from his parent church to start his own ministry. God can give another pastor a different vision to reach another class of people that his general overseer is not reaching. If this is done in the right way, everything would be fine between the pastor who started his own ministry, and the one who was the pastor of the parent church. But when things are not properly done leading to the break up, it can lead to a lifetime of bitterness.

Bishop Wisdom Irabor, the presiding bishop of Answers Assembly in Warri, Delta State, has talked about the reasons why some pastors suffer after they leave Winners Chapel and Bishop David Oyedepo. He gave this explanation in a publication acquired by Church Gist.

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He started by explaining that these pastors start their careers in Winners Chapel. In fact, all that they accomplish from their new birth, Holy Ghost baptism and training all came from Winners Chapel. But perhaps because of some disagreement they resign in bitterness and begin to speak evil of Bishop Oyedepo. He explained that this action will lead to a curse upon anything the pastors do, as Bishop Oyedepo is called by God, and speaking against him will incur the wrath of God.

He went further to say that pastors in this category have deceived their fellow pastors and innocent members to leave with them, and they must pay for causing other people to fall into sin.

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He explained that if another pastor wants to offer help, and that pastor is connected to Bishop Oyedepo, the help will be turned to a curse because you cannot hate a father and receive things from his children. If this is true, the fact that many pastors in Nigeria acknowledge Bishop Oyedepo as their spiritual father makes the whole situation hopeless for the dissenting pastors.

Like I said at the beginning of this article, a disagreement, leading to a break up, never goes well for the leaving pastor. It’s because the person they are breaking from is already established. It would be very difficult for them to start up, especially if the story behind their breaking up is widespread.

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Pastors should seek the face of God before they make any major move. They should look to make peace with their general overseer before they leave the church, in order to maintain peace and move forward.

Source: Opera News

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