Why The Tribe of Judah Is Considered The Strongest Tribe Among The 12 Tribes of Israel

The Jewish culture is made up of 12 tribes, and these tribes have remained a very significant part of its history even to date. However, while these cultures are known for their growth over the years and their revolution for thousands of years, some tribes seem to remain more popular or famous than others. Perhaps this can be seen or evidently perceived in how they portrayed and discussed over the history of the Jewish people. There is perhaps no other source that could beat the Bible or Torah when it comes to studying the history and culture of the Jewish people and it makes sense that I discussing or studying the life of the Jewish people especially how they ended up being divided into twelve tribes, one needs to take a look at the Bible. 

The Tribe of Israel as they are often called are divided into twelve as stated above and these twelve tribes have had names that seemed to have served as their identity for several thousand years. We have the likes of the Benjamites, famous and perhaps known for their combat skills and their ability to wield and use the sword comfortably. Obviously, it is believed that the Benjamites due to their description are soldiers, warriors, and generals. Among these twelve also exists the Tribe of Judah, a Tribe that seems to be the most famous and significantly known Tribe in Israel. Of course in every group or community, there seems to always be that one set of people that are always the most popular, and among the tribes of Israel, the Tribe of Judah is that Tribe. 

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The Origin of the Israeli tribes goes back a long time, perhaps to thousands of years before their said documentation. According to their history, they are believed to have been descended from Abraham, who remains their known Patriarch, and from him came Isaac, and eventually Jacob who bore 12 sons. These twelve sons who due to some events found themselves as slaves in a faraway land of Egypt where their division was pronounced. What we call twelve tribes today seemed to have started as twelve families, named after the sons of Jacob, from Benjamin the youngest, Manassah, Ephraim and the likes the tribes got their origin. While they were at the land where they were kept as slaves, the division led them to create tribes and communities that eventually became a Tribe when they finally found freedom. 

While these tribes though divided, existed peacefully as a nation for a long time, at some point one Tribe began to take the upper hand, and soon absorbed others. Right from time, the Tribe Judah had been known as that Tribe that is most popular and most powerful, not because of its population or its skills, but for some reasons that have to do with resources, and skillful use of leadership. This popularity grew with the time that eventually they became the “upper Tribe”. Of course, this didn’t sit right with the rest of the tribes. Some were comfortable being friends with the Tribe of Judah and even being absorbed by them, others became uncomfortable with the upper hand the Tribe of Judah enjoyed, mostly because famous kings and wealthy men came from the Tribe so a rebellion came that further divided the nation. 

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This division led to the division of the nation of Israel that was once one nation with twelve tribes into two nations or at least one nation with two “stand-alone” regions. The Israelites thought that the best way to keep the peace and avoid bloodshed facilitated by their own people was to divide their nation into two regions, the Southern Kingdom and the Northern Kingdom. Now, the southern Kingdom which was more prosperous was controlled and perhaps mostly occupied by the Tribe of Judah. Of the twelve tribes, Judah and Benjamin stood together to form the Southern Tribe while the ten left formed the Northern kingdom. 

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It is easy to see why Judah remained very powerful even after this famous split; I mean, Judah was strategic enough to pick Benjamin to be on their side. The Tribe of Benjamin contained warriors, strategists who understood the art of war, and with the wealthy men of the Tribe of Judah the well-trained knowledgeable men, the southern Kingdom became formidable. But eventually, The Tribe of Judah is noted to have absorbed the Tribe of Benjamin and it became a nation on its own. 

Asides from the fact that Kings such as David and Solomon, came from the Tribe of Judah which obviously was a contributing factor to their fame, and their upper hand, a prophecy also played a significant role in their said power among the twelve tribes. In the pages of the Old Testament, it is written that Jacob had prophesied about the Twelve tribes, stating that Judah would be head to all his brothers. This means that right from the Onset, the Tribe of Judah had been prophesied to be the leader, the top Tribe. Judah, after Jacob’s prophecy, grew so big and prosperous, its power and strength were unmatched by the rest of the tribes. 

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