Why You Need to Move Beyond Your Salary – Pastor David Adeoye

Some of us don’t need more salary like we need a business of our own. You need one God-given idea, because idea rules the world. Jacob overtook Laban with just one God-given idea in a short time (Gen.30: 25-31).

You need to start implementing that golden idea you’ve been nurturing for so long. Stop procrastinating. Another year is running out. You don’t have forever to do whatever you want to do.  

“We must work the works of Him Who sent Me and be busy with His business while it is daylight night is coming on, when no man can…” 9:4AMP.

Many ideas have been thrown into the basket of procrastination and forgotten. How many times have you seen your golden idea being executed by an unknown person and you felt sad.

Stop saying, “I will do it one of these days.” “One of these days” is none of this day.

Any idea that doesn’t have a deadline is already dead. Many golden ideas died on the paper and did not see the light of the day, because of procrastination.

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It’s time to start working on your golden business idea and give it your best shot.
“Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might…”Eccl.9: 10 AMP. Do everything you can to execute your golden business idea. 

Learn more about it if you need to. Make sure you know as much as it’s needed to excel.

Go and learn more from someone who is successful at it. If you really want to be in the Forefront, you have to know more than the average people in the same field.
“If the ax is dull and the man does not whet the edge, he must put forth more strength but wisdom helps him 10:10AMP. I pray that God will guide you and help you as you launch out that golden idea.

Moving From Pay Cheque To Portfolio. You need to grow up to a point where you put most of your energy and time into learning rather than earning. Start seeking knowledge more than you seek money.

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If you don’t want to struggle, you need to learn more so that you can earn more. God did not destine us to struggle before we succeed.

There is a great difference between struggle and effort. Struggle is effort laced with emotion and desperation. Struggle is inevitable where there is little or no knowledge.
“Remember: The duller the ax the harder the work; Use your head: The more brains, the less Error! Hyperlink reference not valid..10: 10 MSG.

Any venture where knowledge is not sufficient, more strength will be required to succeed and struggle will be evident.

It’s amazing how many people start a business without finding out if there is really any demand for that business.

They feel that because they like purple shirts with little dots, everyone else in town will. Or they feel they can venture into a business, just because they have a little surface idea of it.

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“The labour of fools wearies them, for they do not even know how to go to the city!”Ecc.10: 15 NKJV.

You need to get all the facts and research deep beyond the surface, before you launch out.

And if you believe in prayer, you’ve got to pray and inquire of the Lord for deep understanding.

You need more than natural knowledge. You need God’s supernatural knowledge to excel in the marketplace.

You need God to open your eyes to what the ordinary eyes can’t see, in order to make a breakthrough in business.

If you don’t want to struggle in the marketplace, you need to ask God for divine wisdom (beyond the natural).

Enough of trial and error. It’s time to seek godly wisdom for outstanding success in business. Jacob sought divine wisdom and within one year, he outsmarted all the gimmicks of Laban.

Source: Guardian

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