Why You Should Always Cheer Up Even When You Are Going Through Tough Times – Apostle Joshua Selman Reveals

The act of mockery is common with the unbelievers. A believer is expected to be a godly individual who would motivate and respect the situation that anyone could be in, at a time in life. An average human being has several situations of life they could go through. It could be depression, molestation or failure. When it comes to your turn as a believer, it is expected to be at peace. The Bible already has it that, in life, we could experience trials but we should be of good cheer, God has overcome the world. In this respect, Ndepotv has shared a message delivered by Apostle Joshua Selman in that, believers should not mind those who mock their current state. Be focused and concentrate on the promises of God that will never fail.

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As shared by the cleric, he has implored believers to always cheer up. Whatever situation they might be going through should not define who they are before God. In his words, no matter how gloomy and depressed you might be because of the situation you are in, such a state cannot solve the problem you are in. The more you are sad and you put up the countenance obviously for people to see, the more your condition would deteriorate. Your sadness cannot bring you out of the current state you might be in.

As shared by Ndepo Tv, the cleric has reiterated the importance of praise and joyfulness in the life of a believer. This would break off every bondage of sadness and gloominess you might be experiencing as a result of what has happened. Turn every situation to God and rejoice. Since you cannot help yourself, you should be able to hinge on the person who can solve all problems. The cleric has also exhorted that believers should not mind those who mock them while they praise God in their situation. Those that mock you cannot in any way help you out of your situations that are not pleasant. Now that you are praising and appreciating God who can help you in all situations, you must not mind their jests. They would be surprised and shocked when God would turn the tide of goodness your way.

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