“Without A Goal, You Become A Goat” – Evang Gospel Agochukwu Reveals The Most Dangerous Enemy of Success

Founder of Shekinah Ministry Portharcourt, Evang Gospel Agochukwu has disclosed that anyone without a goal is synonymous to a goat because such a person will wander about.

In his words,

“The enemy of your current success is your past victory. No matter your record, there are better achievements ahead.

Whenever satan wants to fight you, he makes you dwell in your past. Never remain in your past because others are warming up to overtake you. There is no glory in the past.

Where you are is nothing compared to where God wants you to be. Never relax at any level of success. There are better things coming in the future; press forward. 

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If there is a future to achieve, there is work to do. If there is something to achieve, there are actions to take. 

To press on is not a gentle movement. To press on is to contend for something. Success does not happen on its own; you must work for it.

The most dangerous enemy of success is comfort zone. Comfort zone is the greatest undoing of anyone that wants to succeed. 

Chase your goals. Pursue your dreams and aims but above all put God in all you do. If you do not press for next level your present level will detain you.

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You must place demand on God and your generation will place demand on you. Stop living an aimless life. A life without direction or definition. Without a goal you become a goat.

Paul had challenges yet he pressed forward. No matter your situation; press forward. There is no pressure until a force is applied. You cannot press on without pressure. One of the forces to apply is the force of giving.

First fruit shows commitment between you and God. First fruit symbolizes that God is your priority. First fruit means dependence on God.  

The mystery of success, next level is obedience. God cannot give the best until you give your best to God.

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