Woman Cries As Kind Stranger Surprises Her With Over N400k in Supermarket Few Days After Giving Her Life To Christ

A stranger in a supermarket was blessed beyond her imagination after she offered to pay for a man’s item.

Immediately she agreed to help him, the stranger brought out $1000 (N415,580) and gave it to her as a reward for kindness.

A man, Zachery Dereniowski, has extended kindness to a woman in the supermarket and she could not just stop crying.

In a short video shared on his Instagram page, the man approached a woman and asked her for some money so that he could buy his daughter a cloth.

She was given over N400,000.
The woman could not stop crying. Photo source: @mdmotivator

He said that it is the girl’s birthday. The woman said though she does not have any cash, she will be happy to add the item to her checkout.

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Seconds after, Zac called the woman back and told her that she did that to test her and went ahead to give the woman $1,000.

She cried for joy as she narrated that she recently gave her life to Christ and never knew God will forgive her. The tears kept cascading down her cheeks.

Below are some of the reactions:

pratik.patel614 said:

“it really be the people going through the most that are the kindest. love it bro.”

oh.so.you.lisa_ said:

“Her face showed that she’s struggling with something, but good job.”

betalukass said:

“I hope she knows that god and all of us love her no matter what. Thank you for making her day better, you are the best.”

roberto.duse said:

“This hits harder and deeper than the others, and that’s enough said.”

nauxjonkeith said:

“Beautiful. God loved goodness and your are the essence.”

multiversatile said:

“I hope she can find love for herself just as she is, the way she has love for strangers. I hope she is liberated from shame and pain, and finds community who generously love every part of her.”

He said he needed $2 (N831.24) to pay for the items which were for his daughter. After the woman said ‘yes’ to him, he was amazed and called her back.

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When he asked her why she agreed to pay without a second thought, the woman quoted Acts 20 vs 35 and said:

“It is more blessed to give than to receive.”

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