Woman Reveals How She Went To A Pastor For Counselling, And The Shocking Thing He Told Her

A 45 years old woman named Gifty from Konongo speaking in an interview on Agyapa Afutuo programme recalls what happened after she got into a relationship with her pastor two years ago. According to the woman, she fell sick and went to the hospital to seek treatment, she was diagnosed with fibroids and was given medication still she didn’t recover from the illness. Her best friend sent her to their church for their pastor to help her. 

After the church service, she went to meet the pastor for counselling and explained the problem she was facing to him. The man of God accepted to help her get rid of the fibroids. He took Ghc300 from her and prepared herbal medicine for her to drink. The pastor later revealed to her that he had a revelation about her that she is will be his wife and will help him with his ministration. 

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She was surprised about the pastor’s proposal so she asked about his marital status. The man of God told her that he has break up with his girlfriend but had three children. Gifty said the pastor sent her to meet his parents and sisters at Boaman to prove that he is indeed single. His sister also confirmed that her brother has break up with his girlfriend so she can ahead with their relationship. 

The woman revealed she accepted his proposal and they dated him. Two years later she found out that the pastor still loves his ex-girlfriend so she decided to break up with him but the man of God pleaded with her not to quit their relationship. Although the pastor was receiving payments every month but it was enough for him so she gave her Ghc700 to establish a business.

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Later he got increments in his payments but he continue to take money from her, she too gave him every money he asked for. One day she received a call from one of their church members that the pastor has reconciled with his ex-girlfriend and had gotten married to her. She then rushed to the pastor’s house and asked him about the information she received, she even saw a wedding ring on the ex-girlfriend’s finger but the pastor denied that it was never true.

She then requested the GH11,000 she gave him but the pastor told her that he doesn’t have money to give her at that moment. Gifty claims she informed their church elders about what happened, they all advised him to pay back her money still the pastor has not paid her money. The woman said she wants the pastor to compensate her for deceiving her and also pay back all the money she gave him.

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