Wonders Shall Never End – Reverend Sister arrested with 15 abducted children, confesses how she got the children

Maureen Wechinwu, a 44-year-old suspected child trafficker who was arrested with 15 abducted children in Rivers State, has confessed on how she got the children.

Maureen who claims to be a reverend sister was arrested by the police in Ikwerre LGA for allegedly trafficking kids.

While speaking to newsmen at the police headquarter on Tuesday, the 6th of September, the suspect claimed that her orphanage home was genuine, and she used to be a reverend sister who was trained in England.

When she was asked how she got the children, she claimed that some of the children are mad people’s children.

Some others were brought to her by one Mr. Victor.

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Mr Victor brings the children in twos, there are also two children brought to her by one Miss Alice. She claimed that Alice said that since she is a beginner, she should take them.

Sometimes, when Mr. Victor brings the kids to her, he demands money, and due to the pressure on her, she usually gives him N50,000 for each child, sometimes N60,000, N100,000.

According to Friday Eboka who is the Commissioner of Police, investigations showed that the children rescued from the suspected trafficker were picked from different parts of the South-South states and were being sold.

The children narrated their experience to the police, revealing that they were being tortured. 

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