You Are A Hypocrite If You Keep Singing These Songs To God – Pastor Abel Damina List Songs

Nigerian controversial pastor, Dr Abel Damina, General Overseer of Power City International, told his congregation and every Christians that if they are not hypocrites, they should stop singing these songs.

In the video that was uploaded an hour ago, pastor Damina listed some songs that many Christians sing in their homes and how irrelevant they are. He said it was an act of hypocrisy to be addressing one’s father formally.

According to him, God is our father, and many songs we sing in our homes don’t support or bring out such a picture that truly God is our father.

Songs like : In the morning, early in the morning, in the morning, I will rise and praise the Lord. Pastor Damina said that in the spirit nothing like morning and afternoon. Therefore this song is not to be sung.

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Also, ” Good morning Jesus, good morning Lord, I know you come from heaven above, the Holy Spirit is on the throne, good morning Jesus, good morning Lord.” He said who told you the holy spirit is on the throne. according to him, holy spirit is in us, not on the throne.

More than that ” Praising the Lord always, praising the Lord with all my heart, praising the Lord with all my heart always”.

pastor Damina also said that some people will even sing ‘I’m not worthy to come to your present’, he said if you are not worthy, get out.

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