You Cannot Go To Heaven By Just Doing This – Bishop David Abioye Reveals

Bishop David Abioye has warned people not to be deceived because you cannot go to heaven by just going to church; you only go to heaven if you are godly. He said being a churchgoer is not the passport to heaven; godliness is. He said you can be very serious about going to church, but if you live in sin, you will end up in hell.

The Bible teaches that holiness is the only thing that will make people see the Lord, but people can be easily deceived with church going, especially if they are workers in church. They can get carried away with all the church activities, that they neglect the more important matters like holiness and godliness. The worst part is if they stay too long in church and earn a title. A title will further deceive you into thinking you are in right standing with God while you’re not. It will be very difficult for you to realize your state and answer the altar call because you will be neck deep in your self deception.

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Don’t be deceived. Paul encouraged believers to examine themselves to find out if they are still in the faith. You should give yourself regular spiritual checks. Hold fast to what you have if not another man can take your crown.

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