“You Determine If Your Relationship Will Succeed Or Fail” -Faith Oyedepo

“You Determine If Your Relationship Will Succeed Or Fail” -Faith Oyedepo

If a relationship ends with a break up, who would you blame? Would you blame your partner, or yourself? Faith Oyedepo believes you are the principal determinant of the failure or success of your relationship, and not your partner. She claims that a good understanding of yourself and your purpose will help you succeed in your relationship. Does she have a point? Is she right or wrong? Let’s review her opinions.

It takes two people to make a relationship work. Each of the partners have to be serious with the relationship, and put in the work required in order for the relationship to work. But in a situation where one partner is giving and the other is not contributing, do you think the relationship will stand a chance of being successful? If you are the giving partner, would you want to blame yourself for the failure of the relationship?

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If you look at it, there is a reason for every thing a person does. I believe that if one partner does not contribute at all, it could be because deep down, he or she does not believe in the relationship at all, and perhaps is in the relationship for sympathy or another reason. This is where an understanding of your purpose comes to play like she said. However, the giving partner should not be blamed at all, if the relationship fails.

As long as you are in any relationship, you should give your very best. Do whatever you have to do to make the relationship successful. If you understand yourself and your purpose, like Faith Oyedepo said, you will be able to sieve the people available to date you. Only date people who will help you move forward in your purpose. If you do, both of you will be contributing to the success of the relationship.

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The Bible says in Amos, that two people cannot walk together if they don’t agree. If your other partner is not in agreement with you, then the relationship will fail. Follow Mrs Oyedepo’s advice, and you will get the best out of any relationship. Be blessed

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