“You See Something in Somebody’s House And You Can’t Sleep Again” – Bishop Oyedepo Advise Members Why They Should Live Life at Their Own Pace

Bishop David Oyedepo while preaching at the midweek communion service in canaanland, advised members not to use somebody’s race to run theirs.

He urged them to commit their ways to God and go at their own pace, noting that they will surely get to their destination.

While preaching, he said,

“My beloved son and I were reflecting, we had the first TV in my house in 1986. I did not know how to put it on because I didn’t have it when I had the time. By the time we had one, I didn’t have the time again. By his grace at work in my life, I can start any television factory now. 

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“The spirit of envy and strife. You see something in somebody’s house and you can’t sleep again. You go and wage war against your husband and you know he doesn’t have the money.  If we don’t have this thing, nobody will sleep in this house again. Haba! Are you not classmates? 

“Every covetous spirit is a gateway to hell. Live your life. I was cruising Volkswagen Beetle LAW810 and then the next one KD815AF, I miss those vehicles. You are in your own car but you are seeing the ground floor while you are driving so you save your leg so it doesn’t drop. 

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“That was all the ministry had but one day we dedicated about 100 buses on the same day. Live your life. Let us run the race that is set before us as individuals. Run the race. 

“Don’t use somebody’s race, don’t cross into another man’s track. Go at His pace, you won’t lose your peace. I have been dedicating houses of church members before I had one. I was doing it with delight, I am celebrating the grace of God in their lives. 

“What is a house now? Live your life per time. I am speaking to you tonight around the world as a father. Chasing after vanity makes life become meaningless. Caution! Caution! That man said I knew debt is a burden. 

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“41 years by His grace. In the remaining days of your life, you never suffer the burden of indebtedness again. Everyone that desires to be free from the burden of indebtedness I declare your freedom. 

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