“You Will be a Major Player in The Breakthrough of Your Family” – Bishop David Oyedepo Prays For All The Godly Wives in The Church

Bishop David Oyedepo Shares What God Revealed To Him
Bishop David Oyedepo Shares What God Revealed To Him

Founder of Winners Chapel also known as Living Faith Bishop David Oyedepo Celebrated all godly wives in the church while preaching at the second pre-shiloh encounter service.

He said, “Now we are going to give the godly wives of this Church a big hand of praise to God because I have seen three now, wives that stood at the point of death with their husbands and were instrumental in bringing them out. 

“So for all the virtuous women in this church, all the godly women who are standing by the truth, give the Lord a big hand of praise. Every one among these precious women that may be offside, today you are coming on the right side. Somebody stayed three years in the hospital, you heard the testimony. 

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“The wife won’t let go, “Honey you will not die” she stood there and he came back home with him. The two of them were here on the platform. 

“Someone crashed in a motor accident and was confirmed dead. The wife sat down there anointing him. They were discharged that same night. Death sentence converted to life. In the precious name of Jesus for those who are yet to be married, that is the kind of wife you will be. 

“You will never rejoice at the challenges of your husband. You will be a major player in the breakthrough of your family. For challenged homes this morning, I decree restoration of peace”.

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