You’ll Stop Hating People When You Fight & Destroy Poverty Because It’s Annoys You-Reno Omokri Says

Aside from being an activist and preacher, Reno Omokri is well known for educating, motivating, and advising his fans on issues related to relationships and business investment, and other stuff. A few hours he took to his verified Facebook page to share a word of advice as he says “You Will Stop Hating People When You Fight & Destroy Poverty Because It’s Infuriates You”

According to him, he noted that most of the anger problems people seem to be having presently have to do with poverty as he affirms that the persons you may be upset with might not necessarily be bad nor are they evil. Furthermore, he stated that what appears to be evil and likewise bad is the level of poverty you may be facing as he advised that you should fight and destroy it and by so doing so, you find yourself not hating on anyone again because the actual enemy of your life is poverty, not the persons you seem to dislike.

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Moreso, he affirms that when people are satisfied with eating food and they seem to have enough finances in their bank account, they will not have the time to fight you. In addition, he said that is the more reason why the ghettoes that seem so crowdy and that of the highbrow places appear to be generally cool and peaceful. In conclusion, he stated that when you remember the days you use to fight or feel annoyed mostly, he asked wasn’t that the moment you were broke?. Finally, he, however, affirmed that money will make you appear relaxed while poverty annoys you, so, therefore, he is advising you should to be calm and go and make the money.

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