Your Business can Swallow all other competing businesses Around, Only If You Do This – Evang. Mike Bamiloye reveals

In a recent post on his official Facebook Page, Evangelist Mike Bamiloye wrote about “Your Professional Career – The Rod Of God.” He then talked about the secret of success in career and business?

He said that In Exodus 3:1, it was the rod with which Moses was shepherding the flock of Jethro, to the back of the Desert where he met with God. it was his instrument of the profession, his tool of work. He used the rod for shepherding the flock, but the Lord told him to drop it on the ground before Him. That is an act of surrendering one’s profession unto the Lord. An act of casting it on the ground before God, by faith. It was after casting it on the ground before God, that it ceased from being The rod of Moses, and it became the Rod of God, empowered to do signs and wonders.

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Speaking further, he revealed that the secret of success in career and business becomes casting your career and business down before the Lord at the feet of Christ. Since that rod had been cast down in the presence of God, it could now perform signs and wonder. That is how your business and career can become of God.

He said that your business can swallow all other competing businesses if it is surrendered to the Lord and cast down at His feet. It then gets empowered to perform what others could not perform and achieve what others could not achieve. Your career, if handed over to the Lord, can be used by God to glorify His Holy Name. Your Teaching profession, if laid down at the feet of Christ, can become an instrument of Signs and Wonders and bring you to stand before the Kings and rulers of the land.

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When you allow the Lord God to use your Profession and Career and Talents for His own glory wherever you find yourself, it will be an instrument of Signs and Wonders, you will be singled out amidst your colleagues. As an Accountant, Engineer, Doctor, or Surgeon, your professional career can become your mission field. When you learn to cast down your crowns at the feet of Christ, then you will be lifted up amidst others, and the lord marks you down for signs and wonders in your profession or career.

Finally, he said that if your talents and gifts become the property of god, you will not use them against God. You will not use it for the world or fame or your own pleasure, but for the purpose and will of God. That is the absolute purpose of God for your Career, Profession, and Talents.

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