Your movies have corrupted our society: Mike Bamiloye Blows Hot on Nollywood Actors and Actresses, Social Media Reacts

Your movies have corrupted our society: Mike Bamiloye Blows Hot on Nollywood Actors and Actresses, Social Media Reacts

The founder and president of one of the leading Christian movie Ministry in Nigeria, Mount Zion Movie shares an inspiring message and a warning on his social media pages amidst the immorality in the Nollywood sector in our country.

Mike Bamiloye in his words pens down words of caution and disappointment as he said the industry is becoming something else as nudity and tattoos with vulgar stories in now a normal thing in the Nigerian movie sector.

His words were powerful as he highlighted so many loop holes in the sector and how the so-called entertainment industry celebrities are busy polluting the minds of the younger generation who wants to be like them badly.

He stressed this points in his message below and this message is something that as to go viral for everyone to see and learn from.

Checkout the original post below 👇👇

HEAR ME, ACTORS AND ACTRESSES! Dear Movie-Maker, You think you are doing great movies? You think you are making money? You think you are getting popular? Dear Movie Actor! You have acted in many Movies in Nigeria and all your achievement in life has been that You have Kissed several ladies and romanced many girls on film set, The roles you love to play in movies are Roles where Men have to kiss you and where you have to play love roles. My Dear Movie Actor! Honorable Nollywoodian!How many Ladies have you kissed on movie sets? Dear Screen Goddess of the Nollywood Empire, How many Actors have done love scenes with you in Movies? Different Mouths have Kissed your mouth in the name of being Professional! You have been Directed by Lustful Directors to romance Ladies on Film set before More than twenty people who are behind the Camera. It is like playing love with a woman in the market place! And your Moral Defenses are breaking down daily before your very eyes! You can no longer control your lust! Eh! You! Mr. Man, You are a married Man, and you are kissing many ladies and your wife and children Are watching you in Movies in their homes and you think things will be alright with your wife? And you think your Children will be OK in their mind?

They see their Mother,Having having hot Romance with other men in Movies they watch, And they watch the reactions of their fatherAnd you think they will be Alright in their Heart and Mind? You want to be Professional! You want to win Awards! You want to be Nominated for OSCAR! Abi?So you have to subject yourself to many disgusting actions on Movie set!

You have to allow many other men to climb on you before cameras because your want to be a Screen Goddess! And you husband and children are also watching many of these Movies AND YOU THINK THINGS WILL BE ALRIGHT FOR YOUR HUSBAND AND CHILDREN ? How can your Wife be Alright at home while she watch her husband passionately kissing another lady in a Movie! What will become of your Children later as they have seen their father kissing and romancing other women in movies. YOU THINK YOUR WIFE UNDERSTANDS? YOU THINK YOUR CHILDREN KNOW YOUR PROFESSION?

You think console yourself that they know you are Acting as you fondle other ladies Breasts in broad daylight before the whole world! How will your marriage endure? How will your Children have the right frame of mind? How will your Wife still fully trust you in her heart? How will your husband also not be thinking of trying what you are doing on film set. How will homes not be breaking? How will Marriages not be Scattering? HUSBAND THAT HAS KISSED AND FONDLED MORE THAN 50 LADIES IN MOVIES! WIFE THAT HAS BEEN ROMANCED AND KISSED BY MORE THAN 40 MEN IN VARIOUS MOVIES. And you think the Society will still be cleaner?

And you think the world will still be a Better place ? When you are contributing to destroying the fabric of Marriage Institutions! In which way are you building Homes? In which way are you Healing broken Marriages? In which way are you mending the Society? Our Children can no longer sit comfortably to watch Nigerian movies! They will see skimpy dresses. They will see nudity! They will see open Romance and graphic love-making. Parents are confused! Which movies Will our Children watch now? Nigeria movies are full of ladies who don’t want to wear clothes again! And men whose heads are going crazy and their body is full of tattoos! IN WHICH WAY HAVE YOU HELPED THE MORAL STANDARD OF THE SOCIETY NOW?

Many Actors have KISSED and ROMANCED Cemetery Ghosts who are masquerading as Movie Actresses! Lustful and Sexual spirits have possessed some men right on the Movie Sets and they can never have a settled home again! Unless the Lord intervenes! Many Marines Spirits have played Love Scenes with many Men and sealed their fate for life! Many men have donated their destinies on the altar of wicked marine spirits operating as actresses on Movie Sets.

YOUR MOVIES HAVE CORRUPTED OUR SOCIETY! Your Half Nude actress have polluted the heart of our young children! Your scantily dressed Actress have manipulated the mindsets of our youths! Male Actors with Madmen hairstyles and body full of Tattoos have changed the focus of our young ones! THE MOVIE ACTRESSES OF OUR INDUSTRY ARE REMOVING THEIR DRESSES SMALL SMALL AS THEY ARE BEGINNING TO ENTER THE MARKET PLACE! May God rescue us from this Powerful Tool of Manipulation! #mikebamiloye

Mixed Reactions from his followers online 👇👇

The unfortunate part is, many of these actors and actresses are the role models for our today’s youths especially the ladies. Approach them for relationships and hear them making references to RMD, Ramsey Noah and other love role playing actors as their kind of men and as a criteria for who a partner should be and how a partner should act. It is pathetic seeing what the society is turning into.

No point..they are professionals, you can’t say this in America or england, let them face their trade

Ride on daddy ,ride on daddy…but 99% of them have watched nude movies in foreign scenes..hypocrites

We are tired ooo. We don’t know where this craziness is heading to. This there horrible display on set has sent many young one to their early grave in the name fashion and smartness. This is a timely bombs.

There is no point of This write up… Beside its a secular movie… Do you expect them to tie scarf like Mount zion films? I hate this kind of sentiments…. Nollywood is not the only industry im the world why not channel your energy to porn industry and like of them… Since you want to do evangelism…. SMH

Sir, thank you for your touching massage, may the spirit of God follow this strong massage and teaching to convince them back to life.because they spiritual death. thank sir.


We can no longer watch a movie with our kids, even on tv, the movies are without a rating, 18+ shouldn’t watch such, not to talk about kids or teenagers

Daddy, you are 100% correct oooo. That is why we watch majorly Christian movies in my home. Nigerian movies are something else…Vulgar languages,Nudity,Indecent dressing, etc.The film censor departments are not working. This is disheartening.May God help us and heal our land.

O Lord Almighty heal our land and forgive our sin__ have mercy on us in JESUS NAME…. More Grace sir.

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