“Your religion is not better that other people’s religion” – Reno shares what true religion is about

In the world of today, so many people are running a religious competition forgetting that the whole essence of religion is not to oppress but to worship and to serve God.

In an attempt to explain what religion mean, a televangelist and a book author, Reno Omokri has just shared a tweet to enlighten more people about religion and how it works.

In his tweet, he said “Stop thinking your religion makes you better than others. That, right there, is pride. Your religion is only as good as your love for other people. Instead of acting like your religion is better than other people’s religions, act like it is simply the best for you!”

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This is nothing but pure words of wisdom that is needed by every human to worship God in the right manner. Reno Omokri made it clear that anyone who still sees his/her religion as the best is not just an ignorant fellow, he also tagged such attitude as being proud. Reno Omokri went further to say the best way to exercise one’s religion is by showing love to others.

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