You’re Joking If You Believe You Can Do Ministry Alone Because Your Wife Is Uncooperative-Bamiloye

You Must Be Joking If You Believe That You Can Handle Ministry All By Yourself Just Because Your Wife Is Being Uncooperative-Bamiloye

Mike Bamiloye, a well-known actor and evangelist in the Christian community, recently posted a message on his Facebook page addressed specifically to pastors and ministers of the gospel.

He told the man he was talking if he thought he could conduct the ministry without his wife’s help.
You need to get her to aid you by convincing her to.
This is a crucial sermon for pastors in the modern church.
Since it is often said that a man’s success may be directly attributed to his lady, it is crucial that a pastor’s wife be actively involved in his work.
He must devise a strategy to coerce her into businesslike behavior if she refuses to cooperate.

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Equally important for wives to do is support their husbands as they follow God’s calling for their lives.
They need to consult one another and the Holy Spirit in order to make decisions in the ministry.
In Jesus’ name, I pray that God will open our minds to grasp this idea.

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