“As A Music Minister You Must Have A Place Of Worship And You Must be Submissive to somebody” – Bukola Bekes Reveals Why

Nigerian Gospel singer Bukola Bekes in a recent interview, has disclosed why a music minister must have someone they are submissive to.

She disclosed that a gospel musician must have a place of service, a place of authority and they must understand that it is very very important, just like Pst Nathaniel Bassey who she disclosed has a church.

Bukola Bekes is a Nigerian Gospel singer and songwriter. She is a music minister at the RCCG City of David Parish.

She entered music at a very young age and became a Chori leader as a teenager. She was born into a musical family so her talent could not be hidden. 

Bukola has led the Choir of the Redeemed Christian Church of God at programs and has become a major figure for composing for the choir, especially for religious services, conventions, and others.

See what she said;

Pst Sola Osunmakinde; So sister Bukola, what do you have to say about a minister getting famous, and sometimes it leads to strife, battles in their local assemblies and thier Pastors.

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Bukola Bekes; By the grace of God, I will start by saying that it’s what we call the place of authority. As a music minister, you must be submissive to somebody, there must be someone that can tell you to seat down. 

You must have like a father figure, that can say you have a ministration today, maybe Holy Spirit is telling you to tell the person to seat down, and it’s the place of authority. 

You can’t say ok, I’ve arrived, I can go anywhere anytime, actually there was a time we wanted to be doing that, but thank God for my Pastor who called and said every other Sunday, you can go out, but Thanksgiving Sunday, give me Thanksgiving Sunday. 

There was a time that we were out, we were out of the country, he said you must come back. 

He bought the ticket, we came back then we went back for our program to continue the program because he told us that that service is a miracle service and you need to understand that you’re a voice in that service at a point it became difficult ahn ahn we have ministrations everywhere people are calling, but we came to understand that what God is using you to do during that service, don’t miss it. 

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Don’t let that fame enter your head that you start thinking that ah my pastor, you should understand now. 

So I will encourage everyone coming up, the place of service stay there… our rehearsals is every every Wednesday, before this pandemic at Ebute-meta, as we’re landing, if we landed on Wednesday and there is rehearsal, I will just enter, have my bath… fiam on the way to the rehearsal and when we get there, we’re the same, we’re everybody, there is no ohh there comes Holy star of…(laughs) the Redeemed like some people will say, no. We’re there we’re all together, we mingle together, we talk together, we chat together. 

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There was a time we went for a program, they were looking for me, looking for Bukola Bekes, I was there, I told them that is Bukola Bekes… (chuckles). 

So the place of service, the place of authority you must understand it, it’s very very important, like Pst Nathaniel also, he has a church, he calls his pastor my father, the same thing to us, you must… even if you’re everywhere, there is your base. 

You must have a place you call your home that after you’re everywhere every other Sunday, every other week, you come. There is the place, they know you, this is my Church. It’s very very important.. so and God has released the Grace for us to be able to do that.

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