“Do Not Keep Objects Like This in Your House, You Are Inviting Demons” – Christian Blogger Steven Bancarz Warns

Former New-Age blogger who became born-again Christian Steven Bancarz has warned people not to keep occult objects in their house like books, knickknacks, pictures, and games that have some connections with the occult—because they may “give demons authority in your household.”

In a new video posted on YouTube, Bancarz says these objects “are charged with a spiritual frequency that matches the delusion that powers are trying to create in the spiritual realm.”

People who are holding on to these things “are creating a bridge between these supernatural realities … ruled by demonic principalities” and “our life, our home, our soul,” Bancarz says as quoted by Charisma News.

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They may seem harmless, but these objects can actually wreak havoc in people’s lives, he warns.

Books that should be thrown away, he says, are those on Hinduism, esoteric arts, Gnosticism, transcendentalism, sorcery, magic, mysticism, yoga or any materials that advocate reincarnation, among others.

Bancarz also urges people to dump fictional books that have these elements, citing the Harry Potter books as an example. In a Facebook post earlier this month, Bancarz said “occult objects, idols, and information can cause you to be spiritually oppressed by giving demons legal ground into your life.”

“Your soul will become yoked and energized in the spiritual delusion these objects connect to in the spirit, since both the Bible and every other spiritual tradition on earth believe that these objects contain ties to powers in the spirit.”

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This is the reason why the Bible equates idol worship with demon worship, as written in Revelation 9 and Deuteronomy 32, he said.

Bancarz has been on a mission to expose demonic deception through dark spirituality since he became a born-again Christian last September, CP previously reported.

Interviewed by The Christian Post, the native of Ontario, Canada recalled how occult forces seized his soul when he was in high school. 

This led him to build a website (now defunct) called Spirit Science and Metaphysics in January 2014, which generated an average of $40,000 per month in ad revenue.

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