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How to Make Money Teaching Guitar Online

How to Make Money Teaching Guitar Online

Three passions can be satisfied by teaching guitar online. Performing on the guitar, staying in when you’d rather remain out, and, of course, instructing—sharing your love of music with others—are all examples of this.

Being a good influence and earning money online are also fantastic advantages. If Jimi Hendrix had access to the internet, what do you think he would have done?

Teaching Guitar Online

Let’s be honest here. It’s probably safe to say that most guitarists fantasize about getting money not by teaching others but by performing in front of thousands of screaming fans.

But, in the meantime, there is another way to make a living doing what you enjoy.

Both experienced and new guitar teachers can use the online market to grow their careers in ways that aren’t possible offline.

The entire globe is your stage. There are billions (with a “B”) of people, it’s diverse, and there are more money-making chances in music than just teaching (which I’ll discuss further below).

The internet can also protect you and your company from the ups and downs of your local economy.

However, it is not all roses. There are significant technical challenges to overcome, and gaining people’s attention online is not easy. However, the long-term benefits greatly outweigh the drawbacks.

Before I begin this lesson, I’ll briefly discuss some of the benefits and drawbacks of teaching guitar online. If you’re already certain it’s something you want to do, go ahead and do it.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Teaching Guitar Online

While we’re talking about the pros and cons of teaching guitar online, let’s go over a list of pros and cons.

Then, if you still want to do it, we’ll talk about all the fun and interesting details of how to get started as an online teacher.

Benefits: Teaching guitar online

The biggest benefit is that you can work from home. Not only is this cheaper than renting a studio or any other space to teach guitar, but how cool is it to be able to work from anywhere you want?

Your audience is massive. You might only have a few hundred potential customers in your area, but there are millions of them online.

Marketing can be easier and less expensive than local advertising once you have a system in place. Even more so when you think about how many people you can reach.

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Less money spent every day. For example, if you were teaching at other people’s homes, teaching online means you won’t have to commute as much, so you won’t have to pay for gas, parking, etc. Depending on where you live, if you work full-time from home, you might even be able to get rid of your car (and save thousands of dollars per year).

Most students prefer to study at home.

If you used to teach at a school or academy, or if you still do, giving lessons online directly to students means you won’t have to split your money with anyone else.

Your online business can grow if you run webinars and teach a lot of people at once.

In addition to teaching online, you can also make training videos and lessons that can be streamed online or sold as complete course packages. Course creation can be a big source of income for your business if you use your social media accounts, sites like Udemy, and your blog, if you have one.

It’s not a case of either/or (offline vs. online). You can do both.

When you teach guitar online, you have the unique opportunity to sell music-related products and earn commissions that can be used to make money while you sleep. In fact, you might find that recommending products to students and other people is much more profitable than teaching in the long run. In the rest of the article, I’ll say more about this.

The future is to teach online. Getting the technical and marketing skills you need to do it well now will be very helpful for you in the long run.

Drawbacks: Teaching guitar online

Teaching guitar online necessitates certain technical expertise and resources.

You might need to become familiar with online payment methods and how to set them up depending on your business strategy.

Although there are practically uncountable potential students, there is a lot of rivalry for your attention. Therefore, while gaining a following over time can be simpler and eventually result in a steady stream of students, getting things started can be more difficult and requires innovative marketing techniques.

There are undoubtedly benefits to working one-on-one with a pupil. For instance, it is simpler to illustrate finger positioning. Most of these issues may be resolved, but the video barrier may require you to exercise more patience and creativity.

The time difference might make scheduling challenging when you have a global clientele.

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The Equipment You Will Need

Since technology has advanced so much, chances are good that you already own the required tools.

Naturally, a computer and an internet connection are required.

The built-in camera on your computer’s display is usable (if it has one). Most modern PCs do.

You can utilize the camera on your smartphone. If you bought your phone not too long ago (within the last few years), the camera will be good enough.

You might want to think about using two cameras. Use the webcam on your PC or laptop to be seen by your students, and keep the camera on your phone in your fretting hand.

An affordable cell phone tripod is available.


When first starting out, your computer microphone will do, but later you may decide to spend money on a professional one.

Samson G-Track Guitar Input Microphone 

I utilize a Samson G-Track, a microphone with a specific instrument input. A virtual studio can be accessed with just a simple USB connection to your computer. I’ve recorded quite a few late-night conversations while having a drink or two that “no one” will ever hear.

Face to Face Online

There are various choices available. Your best option is definitely Google+ Hangouts due to its functionality and simplicity. It’s also free. You only need a Google Account, which you can get here, along with your pupils.

Another choice is to use a platform for online education like Thinkific. On Thinkific, you can make up to two free online guitar lessons. You may see from their guide how many performers provide online guitar lessons.

Another robust and cost-free choice is Skype.

Use a program like GoToWebinar, Adobe Connect, or Cisco WebEx if you intend to host webinars that you will charge people to attend.

I would not advise using Facetime if you are an Apple user. It’s simple to use and effective, but it only works if your kids also have an Apple computer or tablet.

Another thing to think about is having accounts and being prepared to use Skype and Google+ Hangouts. In this manner, you may easily switch your lesson to the other if the first experiences connectivity troubles. Make straightforward tutorials to guide your students through setting up and utilizing both to make this process more effective.

PayPal Account

You will indeed need to be paid. The most well-known and reliable way to send money is definitely through Paypal. You could, of course, set up bank transfers by email through your personal account, but some students might be wary of doing so.

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Paypal gives them (and you) security and assurance. Also free is registration.

Basic Bookkeeping Software

You will be running your own business online. In addition to applying for your personal tax number/business ID, you may want to invest in some basic bookkeeping software such as FreshBooks. 

Music Notation Software (Optional)

Sincerely, simple handwritten notes and a program like CamScanner should suffice. With the help of CamScanner, your phone camera can be used as a fantastic scanner, giving you digital copies of all your notes and lectures that you can email, put online, etc.

A pen that comes with tablets like the Surface Pro enables precise writing and drawing on the screen.

A music notation program like Sibelius, which enables you to compose, modify, play, and share your music, could be your final option. It is also exportable and printable.

Is it possible to make a living Teaching Guitar Online?

You can. It’s really improbable. But mostly, it doesn’t matter.

Let’s say that as a kid you loved to play the guitar. It’s all you wanted.

Parents say either “how can we nurture what this child will become”, or, “oh my god no you will never make a living”.

Now let’s say – just for the sake of argument – that you loved to play the guitar but were not good at it.

Passion, but not talent.

Even then, you have a gift.

You’re possessed and in possession of something that enthralls you. That feeds your inner world. Where you feel full in your own company.

You have the answer to life’s biggest question. You know what you want to do with your life.

Don’t conflate this with making a living.

This is much bigger: it will pull you through everything.

So, yes. Yes to nurturing this passion. Yes to developing adjacent interests more likely to make money.

Yes to both the gift and the option.

So that your music isn’t ever burdened with having to be what supports you.

So that it never has to be cast aside or discarded for being impractical.

So you never feel it has failed you or was not really your path, despite your certainty.

Passion should be set in a place where you can nurture it forever, and where it can forever nurture you.

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