“Immediately We Passed Kano, There Was A Bomblast” – Appstle Selman Reveals How God Miraculously Saved Him From Bomb Blast

The Leader of the Eternity Network International (ENI), Apostle Joshua Selman in a video uploaded on Facebook an hour ago, narrated how he escaped a bomb blast in Kano. He shared this story while saying, behind every glory, there is a story.

Apostle Joshua Selman: “I fear that the Christianity we practice in Nigeria and Africa if not by love but firmness, will not stand a test of time. Many believers cheapen themselves at the slightest challenge. For me to live in Christ and to die in Christ is gain. As a man of God, I have met many dangers in my life but God kept me.

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“I remember when I was to hold a meeting in Maiduguri. On my way to the airport in Kaduna, I received a message that the flight has been cancelled. I couldn’t go back because I needed to go over there to strengthen them. It was Maiduguri I was going and it was on a Friday. You know how it is to be on the road by that time in those regions.

Immediately we passed Kano by car, there was a bomb blast and a curfew was declared. I had to sleep inside a car at the gate of Potiskum because they were fighting in Maiduguri. The Lord hastened our movement to escape that attack.

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Source: Opera News

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