Some youths are In abroad engaging in different kinds of fraud to pay their bills – Apostle Daniel Akpai sends important message to people who want to travel abroad

Apostle Daniel Akpai, the Senior Pastor of Rulers Christian Centre (RCC) ABUJA, in a recent post on his office Facebook page sends an important message to people who might want to travel abroad.

He said that before you travel abroad, check your account balance because everyone hustles to pay his bills unlike here in Nigeria, where you can easily get an urgent N2000 from friends and family. 

Also, try to know the present exchange rate. As of now, $1 is now N620 naira; £1 is N750. So by the time you change your big naira to either of the two, it will be tiny as anything. To avoid committing crimes, make sure you are capable.

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In subsequent posts, he said that some Nigerian youths are In abroad engaging in different kinds of crimes/fraud to pay their bills. This is a result of going to another man’s land without proper preparation. Innocent Nigerians go through discrimination abroad because of these bad ones. 

I encourage people including my members to travel abroad but in travelling, you must prepare for it financially so you won’t go and give us a bad name in the name of being smart. The thing is, if you engage in crime they will catch you because that is not Nigeria.

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