The Killing Of Deborah For Blasphemy Is A Manifestation Of Satanic Assault Against The Church, This is what It Indicates – Pastor Biodun Oladele


This portion contains the seven seals which are events that will happen on this planet until the time of the gentiles is over. The first four seals contains things to happen before the rapture of the Church. They refer to the systems of power in the world.

The first horse rider in verse two is Catholicism, the second is the red horse which is Communism which collapsed in 1991, it is not a threat again. The third horse is the black horse which is Capitalism. We are in the era of the fourth horse which is the pale horse in vs eight. This horse is the power of Islam with an agenda against the Church to manifest the bitterness of darkness and showcase the anger of hell.

The killing of Deborah in Sokoto is a manifestation of satanic assault against the Church and that indicates that we are already in a war. People’s actions are products of thoughts and thoughts are spiritual. When a wrong belief dominates for a long time, behaviour changes automatically .

The spirit of Herod is operating from the back door once again and we can only deal with it using the strategy of the early Church according to Acts 12:1-5, If we don’t rise up fast, we don’t know who is next. It is time to exercise governance on behalf of God.

To prosper in times like these and shut the power against the Church we need to do 1 Timothy 2:1-2 . We need to pray for those in authority, we have to move from personal prayer to praying for authority if gruesome killing will be abated.

When you have prayed to cover yourself, there is only one way the devil can use to torture -it is those in authority over you -The President, law makers, governors, your boss, your parent, your landlord etc. When you are under authority what you get depends on you, when you don’t pray you get what you don’t want. Spiritual Authority transcends human behaviour and thoughts. Until something shifts in the Spirit, it doesn’t shift in the physical.

We need righteous people in the place of power to enforce laws against (Ecclesiastes 8:11) mischief makers in the land.

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